Legal notice

Company (incl. legal form)

CONZEPTA'S RieVers Austria GmbH

14 Abs 1 UGB
63 Abs 3 GewO
5 Abs 1 Z 1 ECG§ 25 Abs 5 MedienG

Company purpose

Insurance broker

§ 25 Abs 5 MedienG


Heiligenstädter Straße 28/Top 3 1190 Vienna

§ 5 Abs 1 Z 2 ECG


+43 1 906 26

§ 5 Abs 1 Z 2 ECG


§ 5 Abs 1 Z 2 ECG

Legal form

Private limited company

§ 14 Abs 1 UGB


Vienna, Austria

§ 14 Abs 1 UGB
§ 25 Abs 5 MedienG

Company register number

FN 468032h

§ 14 Abs 1 UGB
§ 5 Abs 1 Z 4 ECG

Company Register Court

Commercial Court Vienna

§ 14 Abs 1 UGB
§ 5 Abs 1 Z 4 ECG

Value added tax identification number (UID)

ATU 72160001

§ 5 Abs 1 Z 7 ECG

Competent supervisory authority

Magistrate of the City of Vienna

§ 5 Abs 1 Z 5 ECG

Trade Licensing Office

Magistrate's Office for the 19th District

§ 5 Abs 1 Z 5 ECG

Job title

Insurance brokerage in the form of insurance broker and advisor in insurance matters

§ 5 Abs 1 Z 6 ECG

Applicable trade and professional regulations

§ 5 Abs 1 Z 6 ECG

Financial Market Authority:
Otto-Wagner-Platz 5
A-1090 Vienna

CONZEPTA'S RieVers Austria GmbH is a independent insurance brokerage company. Thus, we do not hold any direct or indirect interests in the voting rights or capital of an insurance company. An insurance company also does not hold any direct or indirect interests in the voting rights or capital of our companies.

Transparency Ordinance (TVO):
The respective insurer informs about the respective consideration of sustainability risks in investment decisions with its pre-contractual information.

Due to the currently limited information provided by insurers, these aspects are not currently taken into account as a standard part of the consulting process.
With a future broader market offering, standard consideration will be given.
When selecting insurance companies and insurance products, we take into account the information provided by the insurers.
At present, only limited consideration can be given by insurers to their companies due to information that is building up but may still be rudimentary at present.

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