Services for your safety

Our service for best

We support you with concepts tailored to your risk situation. 

As your competent and independent representative, we objectively design your insurance contracts and fully utilize potential for optimization. At your request, we will jointly develop a risk, assessment and action plan that will facilitate your risk-related corporate planning and control. 

Comprehensive advice and competent service are the cornerstones of our service.

Risk Management

Professional risk management is the basis for successful corporate strategies. On the basis of comprehensive recording and analysis, we will create a customized insurance concept that fits your situation.

Risk Management

Risk analysis. Risk administration. Risk control. When it comes to risk management, our bespoke concepts offer exactly what you’re looking for. Our clients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and abroad trust us and our riskmanagment.

Claims management

With an independent claims team, we guarantee fast and qualified processing of your claims. 

We get you above water – as quickly as possible. In addition to assessing the damage, we also conduct negotiations with risk carriers while safeguarding your interests and, of course, provide you with on-site support.

Cost optimization

The result of our activity usually leads to cost optimization of your insurance budget. 

We achieve the reduction of your insurance costs, among other things, through in-house special concepts, a sensible bundling of contracts and the sustainable and constant improvement of the relationship between claims and costs.

Digital customer portal

We have created a multilingual, digital customer portal for our customers. This gives you access to your insurance programs at any time and allows you to report claims independently and digitally.

WKO Industry Solutions

For your individual needs, "customized" offers at group conditions via the WKO industry solutions. Learn more about your solution in the craft sector.

International network of brokers

With our global network of established insurance brokers, we ensure insurance coverage in every country in the world. The implementation of country-specific features is managed centrally while ensuring compliance requirements.